kill me

Carro´ säger:

fy fann, nu jag vill mopedera till Svalöv !!

* säger:

you fucking kill me every time you open your mouth, i just love you


dream to make believe

summertime is here, and this day is already over
and i'm kind of happy, only kind of
just because it's summertime and because it's soon easterholiday!
then after that it's siesta, and then finally it's summer, summer, summer
i've watched two movies today, i've never done that before i think and now
i'm gonna watch one more and then i'm going to sleep





yeah, i'm home again
caroline is fucking with me, she's so funny

caroline: what the fuck, we dont have ensamble?
erika: hehe no
erika: laughing my ass off

tonight we're going to jutan to watch albin and emíl, loveli
and i'm of the thessan before that, i really hope!


i just came home from school, and now i'm at ronjas place
she's fucking painting her eyebrowns, hehe it looks good
i'm taking the bus home at 3, so i'm soon leaving
tonight i'm going to landskrona with ema, we're going to watch six degreez
and now i wanna smoke, yes


caroline: whats påskafton?
erika: it's like the "day" of easter, just as christmasday is the "day" of christmas
caroline: aaaah, like the night of påskmust?
erika: you need help dude

to tired to sleep

this is one of these nights when you're just sitting and nothing happens, you want to sleep
but you are to tired to even try, and you are to tired to even watch a movie, i hate these kind of nights..'
now it's morning, and i'm of to school

dirty passion

i was fucking halfsleeping in my bed and when i did open my eyes
caroline was sitting on my bed and she was looking at me as if i was a piece of meat
and she said: aaaw, you're so sweet when you sleep (with a french accent)
she's fucking crazy, anyway the reason why she sat on my bed was that her moped didn't worked
so fair enough..
now i'm listening too dirty passion, and i like it yes i do

why do god

why do god create beautiful people?


obsessed with fantasy possessed with my schemes, I mixed reality with pesudo god dreams


s'il suffisait d'aimer

i was drunk two times yesterday, and the worst part of all is that i was drunk on my
parents fucking weddingday, but it was kind of my dads fault because he was just as drunk as i was
i cant believe that they have been married for seventeen years, seventeen fucking years, sweet jesus
they really must love eachother despite all their faults..
anyway, i went to ronjas place after that and we watched blair witch project, i've seen it so many times
but still i fucking shit my pants every time i see it, it's crazy.
and after that posse, sebastian, mario and caroline came and we watched robinson, (yeah, i'm ashamed)
and after that we watched star wars for a while then posse, mario and me went home
successful day i must say

emas coming soon, i cant wait to see her!


when i was standing in the audience at popcorn a couple of days ago i realized something, i have a thing for hair, long hair i just love it and as a matter of fact, everybody is beautiful in long hair straight - curly - fuzzy - - i - dont - give - a - fuck - i'm - addicted i was actually going to lovisa roths masqueradeparty but i dont have any money at all so i'm just going to be home with ema, caroline and alex and just get fucking wasted and cry about my pathetic life, doesn't that sounds great?


yeah i'm home again, so loveli
caroline is here to and she's talking french with her french friend justine
anyway, we have watched lejon kungen on swedish, sosososo funny
tonight we're going to the tivoli i hope, and watch the popcorn final!

city and colour

this day has been pretty good, for the first time on weeks i've been able to breathe again
it was soooo fucking good, anyway i was at school today from eight-to-three-a-clock-and-that-sucked
and then i went to my grandmothers place to get some money and after that i took the train helsingborg again
and i met ema at the trainstation and we went smoking, yeah well thats my day!
and now i'm going to sleep, and i have a feeling that i'm going to dream about miranda, and i dont know why
maybe cause i miss her?  yeah i miss her

i'm off

give me one reason

just got home from illinois, lock the front door oh boy
just fucking with you i just got home from school, i think this was
one of the worst day in swedish history, or my history
i haven't even been able to laugh or to smile, but still i did it
and that wasn't good,  yeah well fair enough , huh
i'm thinking of starting to write in english,
just because it's good to practise, because i'm moving to london
yeah baby, london
me and ema, and it's going to be fucking amazing

tracy chapman


har lyssnat på tracy chapman heeela dagen, jag älskar henne
nästan lika mycket som led zeppelin, nästan..

fransyskan: halloo, i need to do a pussyfart
erika: what? a piece of art?
fransyskan&erika: laughing so hard


look at me losing control

that leaves your soul to bleed

that leaves your soul to bleed

idag har ema tatuerat sig idag, hon svimmade inte och hon började inte gråta, 
tro det eller ej men jag är faktiskt stolt över det lilla livet
nu ska vi gå ut och gå ,




hur kan du ens göra så mot folk i din omgvining?
det enda du tänker  på, är dig själv, DIG SJÄLV
så jävla självisk, tror du att du själv hade mått bra av det va? va va va va va!
ååååhihiongajnofajönf iau.sbf ael-bkr kbadusf P)(& %Y)?#(%/=


hahahahahaha nu sitter jag och ronja och kollar på john tucker must die
och hon är cp, cpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcp hahahaha
jag tycker synd om henne ikväll klockan sex mohahahahaha
ha så kulizen ^^ :*


ema ligger i min säng och mina föräldrar är  på väg hem
jag funderar på ifall jag ska vara sjukis imorgon också men jag
orkar inte vara hemma och göra ingenting


erika: hejsan, jag skulle vilja ha denna, ehm är det säkert att håret blir rött och inte lila?
kassörska: jo ja absolut, det kan vi garantera dig

mitt hår är mf lila, LILA
neej vi lovar det blir rött, kyss mig i röven
jag ser ut som ronjas farmor, som isma i kejsarens nya stil, tack som fan ditt rövhål


jag är sjuk, jag är förkyld och jag har börjat hosta också
jag hatar att vara sjuk


do the careface

vad är du, två tollar hög?

mariho och bögenizzen, detta var dem enda bilderna ema fick under kvällens gång hehe


thessans artonårsfest var mer än lyckad, tack för allt
nu kommer ema strax hit

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