friday. i was at elins place and it ended up with me and henke walking home from gryttinge till svalöv, and we came home around 4 in the morning.
saturday. me and henke watched movies all day long and then bruze came and we were up until-l-l-l four in the morning..
and today ive been tired.. and
thats all i have to say


lät du henne komma närmre?
var hon vackrare än mig?
ja, det finns dagar som jag tänker mer på henne än på dig
jag går bredvid men halkar efter jag orkar inte springa mer
försökt att visa dig med blicken men det är inte mig du ser
den här platsen är någon annans och jag måste hitta ut
hur ska man älska nån som har älskat nån förut?

i was at erikas campers place yesterday with ib-people
a lot of fun even though if my temper wasnt on top

i think that i will put out some pictures later

cocaine katie

i'm bored yes i am
anyways, right now i'm on a rocktour with the school and we're playing at different places with our
ensambles.. and that's actually fucking funny.. i could live like that, moving around all the time in a bus
that is actually not bigger than your head.. i love it, i love it a lot!

she stoped with her meds

i'm going down

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