haru aids elle?

yeah i'm home again back from siesta
so fucking good and now i really dont palla to write something more
so i will tell you everything tomorrow yes

haru aids elle?

yeah i'm home again back from siesta
so fucking good and now i really dont palla to write something more
so i will tell you everything tomorrow yes




tomorrow i'm leaving for siesta and i quess that i havent felt this good since forever
anna ternheim, timbuktu, placebo, pheonix etc, so wonderful!
and with grädde on das mos: i'm sleeping with loveli people!
now i'm goin' to sleep, my last sleep in my overnize bed, yeah well it's worth it
i mean, i'm leaving for siesta for nearly a week, which i already said but fuck it



today i woke up 05.00 with henrik, hampus and bruze
and ema ofcourse but she was lying upstairs sleepin'
bruze gave us a ride to teckomatorp where we later took the train from
in school we had swedish but i fall asleep, and it was so mfucking good
and during the rest of the day i was with caroline, lying in the sun and talking shit
she just went home and now i'm just sitting and sitting





i quess this is just the way life is, seasons change
come what may


yesterday i were at elins place, it was her 17th birthdayparty
it was really nice although we had to wait for our kompataxi for like 35 minutes, motherfucking skånetrafiken
today i woke up with caroline and we watched high school musical 2, and then she went home
after henrik came and we watched hannah montana and then scary movie 3 and then we left
to teckomatorp too watch dirty passion, for the third time they are so fucking damn good..
after that we went to richards place and smoke and drank with jessica and evelina etc.
now i'm goin' to watch the number 23 and after that listen to death cab for cutie

henrik: alltså ibland när jag ser hampus vill jag bara springa in i en väg


i so wanna sleep now, the clock is 07:01 and its fucking earli',
now i'm going to school and i assume that i will write more when i come home
i'm off


the clock is 09:18 and i'm soon off the school i assume
i'm only gonna have matte and then i'm done just because i forgot to go up
this morning to do some muko..
my blogg is "new", and it's loveli i think! taaaack ronja


i just dont wanna loose you even more than i already have

fucking national test

tomorrow i'm having a national test in matte
and i fucking hate it, i swear too god (and i dont even believe in god) but that day
when i finish matte b i will never ever more open a mattebook for the rest of my life
for the rest of my fucking life, i hate it so much
i really dont get it why i have to lear how too find out the answer on this equation: 3x+13<7? or for another ex:
x^2+45x-23=0? why sweet mother of crap do i need to know this?
)(%&"#)% it drives me insane..
and it's not over yet, after this fucking national test we have like a thousand other things to do..
these three weeks i've in front of me will not be funny and i will do more in school than i've done on a halfyear on three motherf******* weeks, so fucking not funny, not at all
yeah well now i'm off cause i'm going to do some more matte, yeah well piss off..





todat it's saturday and henrik is sitting right next too me and we're watching my super sweet sixteen
and that's what we have been doin' all day long
today i want to go to lund and see dirty passion but i have nobody to go with so i have asked ronja and ema
ema just said that she wanted to come, i hope that ronja wants to come cause' i miss her
i'm off

a g a i n

i love her more than myself, i love her more than led zeppelin
but she cant see it anymore, it's too late i quess
but was it really all my fault? i quess so, cause i'm so immature and so busy with everything else
that also means something, just so you know it, it's not only me who is immature, it's both of us
this text doesnt even make sense, but i just want you too know that i love you and i always will, no matter what..

i'm sick, i'm so sick.. i just wanna crawl under my cover and sleep forever

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