antidepressiva texter


henrik is home!

shooop shooop

for those of you who didnt knew it im working at subway
and for your information it s.u.c.k.s
big fucking time, clearly!
just wanted you to know!
in two months ill be leaving fucking suede
it already feels good!
and btw, i just got a mac!!!!

publish me

i am surrounded by idiots
i'm a idiot
melissa horn räddar min kväll ännu en gång


what have i done?


soo.. maybe i should get som sleep

juuust chillin

yes i'm juuuust chillin'
its been a long time since i wrote here so a lot of shit has been happenin'
but i'm alive and i'm okey!
my parents just went to africa for a vacation so i've the house for myself.
and i miss bruze.. he's in aussie




jag orkar inte ta hand om dig mer
eller någon annan för den delen


spotifydiscospotifydiscospotifydisco in my ears

love is only a feeling

siesta 2010 was the best siesta ever, apart from siesta 2008

and today my best friend bögen gratuated and i'm so fucking-freaking proud of you
all of my love to you!  and by the fucking way! in two days i will be gratuated and also unemployed

siesta baby!

tomorrow i'm leaving for siesta.. again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111



this celebrate jesus thing was a good idea!
i'm drunk


right now i'm with josefine and were drinkin' beer and
doing our makeup
lets celebrate jesus!!!!
she is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2121134

stick and stones

i looove that my buss is always late


this day has been pretty okey for being a wednesday
its started with a consert and then later on the day
i discoverd that i dont think that i believe in monogamy, not right now anyways
and while i was discovering that i missed my train, but for once
it was actually okey and right now i'm doing nothing, nothing is good


just like I predicted, we're at the point of no return
we can go backwards, and no corners have been turned
I can't control it, if I sink or if I swim 
cause I chose the water that I'm in

if it's not what you're made of
you're not what I'm looking for
you where willing but unable to give me anymore
there's no way, you're changing, cause somethings will just never be mine,
you're not love this time.. but it's allright
why always me?


i hope that i'm going to malmö tonight to watch me dear beloved valentin


the love of a woman

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