fuck, i didn't wake up this morning so i'm leaving for school about 15 minutes
and i'm so fucking late, which i always am for music and communication..
today it's valborg, and we're fucking free tomorrow and it feel so good.
and as a matter of fact i have to tell you something, my parents are going to buy my siestaticket for me
if i paint the garage, so yeah i will..
now i'm off..


now i'm having projekt&företagande, it sucks balls..
miranda is not here, so it's not funny anymore, i hate when she's not here
i dont know what i'm going to do tonight, ronja wants to go to gröningen, and it sounds like
a great plane, but i have to get some money first so i can smoke my brain out and then take the train home
about 1 hour, the lessons is over but i'm goin' to finish a little bit earlier, so i can watch the musical
i saw it yesterday but it was so good that i want to see it again..

it's soo warm today, i love it

boston's always raining

i wonder why you never cry
when Boston's always raining


me and carro were lying in the sun yesterday, it was so good!

and then later on the day me and ema went to carolines place

thessan in school

miranda and me at p&f, we accidently had the same pantyhose today :*

ema and henke were just here, we drank coffe and smoked
and posing, huhhh



you're too good at pretending you don't care
there's enough resentment in the air
now you don't want me in the flat
when you're home at night
but we're best friends right?


i cant sleep, and it's school tomorrow.. i hate to not be able to sleep when i really wanna sleep
and the thing is that i'm really tired and i really need to do my english work
and i really hate you, i really do


isn't wierd how people can change from one way to another?
isn't wierd how people get angry just because everything is not 'bout them and life doesn't circle around them?
now i have to go out and smoke with ema, i'm gonna write more later


this drives me insane, this will destroy me
and yeah, if i didn't told you before i'm telling you now
i'm having a nervous breakdown and it drives me insane..

some people



 i'm off, i'm dead, i'm gone


yeah well fucking french people are in sweden and i'm going to see them soon
and then tonight i'm going to see smockad sten at plantan in landskrona, it will be nice i hope

this shit drives me insane and it sets me free at the same time, what what what what

yeah well i miss her, yes i do..


i'm sleeping at råå tonight with ema and caroline, it will be so nice
friday-saturday-sunday-monday was so fucking good so i hope that the rest
of the easter will be the same, now i'm going to do some scones and watch e!

i miss my best friend, and she knows who she is..


sebastian: han kommer handla upp hela bottleshop
erika: bottleshop?
sebastian: ja
erika: boardershop?


i'm listening to creedence clearwater revival, check this out
anyway we just did just order tickets to france, its going to be so fucking good!

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