i'm home from france
and it doesnt feel good
i dont want to go to school
i dont want to live in sweden
i dont want to..


about 24 hours i'm in france at carolines place with bruze,henke, hampus and ema
i swear i wont be able to sleep, i will be to excited for that
now i'm going to pack my bags and listen to the libertines
and smoke a fag


about three days i'm leaving, leaving for ten days to france to be with my dear beloved caroline
with bruze, ema, henke and hampus!
saturday i was in ask at olofs place dancing in a room full of smoke and spotifymusic
and talked with emma, linda and kajsa
wonderful people


i'm so tired
i'm so fucking tired that i cry every night before i go to sleep
because i'm tired,i'm tired of living in this naiv world, where people
only talk shit 'bout other people, and thats it.. thats what they live for
and i dont get how people have the strenght to be everything else exept for them selves

my eyes are bleeding

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