i hate to study


i hate when people say that there is always someone for everbody
cause thats actually not true, i mean its not even proved
and why in the world would you give someone hope about something so
beautiful, when its not even for sure?
so just stop it
derry down green
color of my dream
a dream that's daily coming true.
and ohhh when the day is through
i will come to you and tell you of
your many charms

since you left me

I'm the lizard king, I can do anything

ikväll mina damer och herrar ska jag dränka mig själv

i just had my last sportlov ever, and it was a pretty damn good

* caroline and camille from france was here
* i falled in a fucking escalator
* we celebrated olofs birthday
* i found out what i'm going to do after studenten
* i saw hampus for the first time in weeks
 i quess that there is a lot more to tell but

Lsd, någon?



yes i was drunk and i falled in a fucking escalator


i never thought that you were going to let me down

here i go again

klockan är 22.31 och det är den 2 februari
och jag kom precis på mig själv
jag är inne i samma jävla skit som jag precis har
kommit ur..


my body aches
and it hurts to sing


fd aswrhlkng4358


school has started again, i couldnt be more thrilled and at the same time want to kill myself more
then this --- wonderful!
anyways, i want to live somewhere else
but thats not a new?

you and me and yes you two

yesterday was so fucking great
it started with me taking the train the helsingborg
to catch up with rebecca, and we had a really great time
and then i went to bara rock with posse and we had a couple of drinks
and then ema and gobbo came, and suddenly everybody was there
and yes, i mean everybody

new years eve

okey, my new years eve was pretty awesome.. doesnt looks so, but it fucking was


yes i'm fucking bored..


fucking bulimic coke head

smoking kills

new years eve was good, pictures are comin'

new year

are you fucking kiddin' me? seriously there is something or someone who is fucking with me and
its not funny anymore
my three best boys are in fucking poland where i actually also should have been but now i'm not
and they are not home for tomorrow, so i cant spend new years eve with them
and my other best friend is in fucking helsingborg, and she is not spending it with me either
and my other friend is in malmö, and what the fuck? all of my best friends are somewhere else
and its not supposed to be like that
but ofcourse i have elin at  my side, which i will be forever grateful for

and yes, i know.. my nose looks fucking big on this picture


i turned 18 the 25th of december, and it was one of the best days of my life
it started with a birthday cake which elin and bruze baked and with that i had champange
yeah, i can just say that i was drunk already at one a clock


today its christmas and this morning was actually different if you compare to
all the other ones that i had.. i woke up with henke and bruze with a hangover
tomorrow its my birthday, finally


i've said it before and now i'm saying it again
fuck forever

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