hey hey mama

just arrived from henkes place and i'm fucking exhausted
maybe i should start from the begining?
yesterday i was in malmö looking for a new winterjacket
and i found one! for 700 kr, fucking expensiv for a jacket that i wear
3-4 months a year but nice as the jacket was i couldnt help myself from buying it
anyway, then i went to helsingborg and meet rebek and pastorn to help
rebek buy an outfit for a halloweenparty and then finally
i went out in the woods to henkes place and had a fucking great time until 6 in the morning
meningless, but yes as i said, i had a fucking great time!

oh men don't notice what they got
oh women think of that a lot... 
a thousand ways to please your man
not even one requires a plan

bruze found drink and i found sunglasses

josefine, hampys and olof

patricia posing

ending with a posing-erika-so-fucking-drunk-that-she-went-out-looking-for-the-stars-when-she-were-suppose-too-look-for-her-drink


i just woke up, and i'm tired as fuck
i quess that i'm going to henkes place tonight, but i'm not pretty shure
i'll have to call him later.
right now i'm having holiday, halloweenholiday, autumnholiday, call it what you like
and it sucks, its so fucking boring, arent people suppose to have a fucking great time on holidays?
i quess not


i'm right now at ronjas place, and i'm drunk, drunk as fuck
and i fucking miss her, all the time, she's my best friend and she
always will be and she knows it
and yeah, i'm drunk if u didnt know?
sebastian is here to and i love him to yes i doooooooo
he is fucking gay, and i fucking love ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


welcome home

elin is right now at my place
and i can say nothing more but welcome back my love
you know i'm by your side, right..


isnt it wierd how much you can do for only one person?
isnt it wierd how much you sacrifice for only one person?
isnt it wierd how much you can love one person?

i just realized that i've spend so much time on you
i just realized how much i've been loving you
and for nothing in return..

and you wanna know something stupid?
i could still die for you..


i had such a good wekend, friday i was at victors place, and it was actually really cool
but i took the train home at 11.33, cause i was tired
i meet bruze, ema and ida on the train, they keept me awake and they where also
laughing at me, just because i was drunk and they were not..
saturday i was at olofs place with henke, elin, bruze, ema and olof ofcourse, and it was so very nice-nice-nice-nice-nice oho!
today, i havent been doin much, just sleeping just because of the hard, so i'm still tired
and bruze, elin, henke and olof came and visit for a while, and now
i'm goin' to take a shower and then sleep


hey you

love me two times

i quess that if you really truly love some one,
you always will do
and i also quess that's easiest part of the "conception love"
anyways, yesterday i were at bruzes place, it was a lot of fun
and to much to drink
today i'm goin to go to ronjas place, if she ever answer me
i quess that she still is sleepin'

i quess a lot

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