she is moving

ida just moved this morning, i miss her already..
why does she has to move?


i've been going to school now almost for a week and it feels good for once
and ..

kate fuckin moss

kate moss, she is so damn fucking beautiful
i would probablly kill myslelf just to have her cheekbones
school today, and it sucked, it sucked so fucking hard
i really hate school and despite that i still have good marks..
and yeah, i love my class but school, i dont know about that

now hostel two is coming on tv, and i dont think i wanna watch it
but i quess i've too just because if i dont, ema harass me for the rest my life
and tell me that i am a pussy, but we all know who is the pussy heh


here you come again

sometimes i'm still thinking about you and sometimes i still consider if it's  the best this way
right now i'm listening to the oak ridge boys, so damn good
and my week home alone is soon over, and schools starting tomorrow, fckit

factory girl

we're right now givin' hampus a makeover, he's gonna be evelina again
my gin is waiting for me

sweet lady

malmöfestivalen has been goin' now for nearly 4 days and  i'm already sick of it.
and i forgot to told you, i'm home alone since saturday, and it feels fucking gooood
exept for that i've to clean 5000 times a day
hampus, ema and ida is here right now, i quess that we're gonna watch a movie and smoke

yesterday we watched apple tree, with the wondeful singer who also is my best friend valentin
so damn good, just as always!

i'm off


no i dont
no i fucking dont

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