hey hey mama

just arrived from henkes place and i'm fucking exhausted
maybe i should start from the begining?
yesterday i was in malmö looking for a new winterjacket
and i found one! for 700 kr, fucking expensiv for a jacket that i wear
3-4 months a year but nice as the jacket was i couldnt help myself from buying it
anyway, then i went to helsingborg and meet rebek and pastorn to help
rebek buy an outfit for a halloweenparty and then finally
i went out in the woods to henkes place and had a fucking great time until 6 in the morning
meningless, but yes as i said, i had a fucking great time!

oh men don't notice what they got
oh women think of that a lot... 
a thousand ways to please your man
not even one requires a plan

bruze found drink and i found sunglasses

josefine, hampys and olof

patricia posing

ending with a posing-erika-so-fucking-drunk-that-she-went-out-looking-for-the-stars-when-she-were-suppose-too-look-for-her-drink


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