new year

are you fucking kiddin' me? seriously there is something or someone who is fucking with me and
its not funny anymore
my three best boys are in fucking poland where i actually also should have been but now i'm not
and they are not home for tomorrow, so i cant spend new years eve with them
and my other best friend is in fucking helsingborg, and she is not spending it with me either
and my other friend is in malmö, and what the fuck? all of my best friends are somewhere else
and its not supposed to be like that
but ofcourse i have elin at  my side, which i will be forever grateful for

and yes, i know.. my nose looks fucking big on this picture

Postat av: Anonym

du har alltid mig, tryck in det i ditt huvud...

2010-02-14 @ 17:55:38
Postat av: elin

love u

2010-02-14 @ 17:56:05

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